Is Awareness Just More Hype?

Pink Ribbon

An author that I follow on Facebook posted a link  to an online news article: Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Focus needs to shift to prevention

As with any research I do, I always try to “vet” my source. I was not able to find out much about the authoritativeness of this site.  It’s Natural which appears to focus on natural living and natural health.  The author of the article is a freelance writer and certified holistic health coach.  She does reference the New England Journal of Medicine, but beyond that I’m still trying to verify the authoritativeness of the article as a whole.

The article suggests that Breast Cancer Awareness doesn’t help, but rather just makes women part of the “big business of cancer.”  It suggests that mammograms only create more worry for women and perhaps might be the cause of the increase in breast cancer.

“The promoters of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” would have women believe there is little, if anything, that can be done to prevent the disease in the first place. Yet the chances for avoiding breast cancer, like so many cancers, can be greatly increased with a personal commitment to better health through dietary changes, exercise and an avoidance of toxins. The pervasiveness of a marketing campaign built on fraud and deceit has merely served to invoke fear in women.” (cut and pasted from the article in question)

My question for you is – do you think it’s all hype? Is it just another way for big business to make money off of fear?  Does it help or does it do more harm than good?  I know what I think and I will discuss this further in future posts. First though, being the good librarian that I am I want to do some additional research to support my opinions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well.


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