Asymetrical Is Normal, But I Might Get Free Lingerie!

As I mentioned earlier this week, my BCN (breast care navigator) was concerned about how swollen I still am, especially since she could tell even though I was fully clothed.  And of course, now I’m convinced I’m hideously misformed/lopsided.  On her advice I called my surgeon. He was out of town, but one of his associates made time in his schedule for me.  (How many men have I now exposed myself to – 13 or more?)

Anyway, this new doctor says that everything looks ok, especially for having only completed radiation less than two months ago.  My skin looks good (thanks to Dove for Extra Sensitive Skin and Elite Lotion) and the incision looks great, too.  Yes,  my left breast is much bigger than the right one. It’s also firmer (which if the other one matched it, might be a nice side effect from the surgery, but think of this way – a fully inflated balloon sitting on the shelf next to one that has lost half the air – yep that happens when you get old.)

According to the doctor, it’s nothing to be concerned about at this point.  Most likely it’s due to a ceretoma (sp?), fluid in the cavity created by the lumpectomy. He didn’t really give me any idea of when, if ever, it would return to normal or something close to normal. So, I guess I’ll just have to deal with walking around very lopsided.  At least it hasn’t impacted my balance.

The good news is that the nurse told me that Tricare will pay for professionally fitted bras so that I can have proper support. Not as good as getting a boob job, but I needed new bras anyway.  After the horrible experience I had at Macy’s in February when I tried to find a properly fitted bra before radiation, I had been putting off going for another fitting.  According to the nurse, Tricare will refer me to someone who specializes in providing bras for women who’ve had breast cancer.

I was afraid that I might have been worried for nothing and the doctor would be irritated with me for wasting his time (and based on past experiences, if the doctor had been an Army doctor, instead of an Air Force doctor that just might have been the case. )  Better safe than sorry, as they say.  I’d rather my doctor smile and tell me I’m worrying too much than have him shake his had sadly and tell me I waited too long to have something checked.


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  1. Joyce Kelly
    Jun 16, 2011 @ 00:54:19

    After my mother had a mastectomy, she was fitted for a prosthesis and special bras by someone trained to do this, and the fitter was very compassionate and competent. (The bra had a pocket to slip the prosthesis into.) For the other breast there was a very thin prosthesis, so that the shapes would match better. Once she was dressed, she looked perfectly natural. Medicare paid for x number of bras a year (I don’t remember the number, but it was reasonable.) I’m glad you’ve found the information you need!


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