>With Radiation In The Rear View Mirror – What’s Ahead?


A week ago today, I had my last radiation treatment. I’ve sort of been on a blogging break since then.  However, my plan is to continue this blog at least until my first year anniversary of being clear. There’s still plenty to do – not just for me – but for the general war on breast cancer.

Last Friday morning, I headed back to Penrose to give blood so they can test to see if I have the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene.  It will most likely be a week from this Friday before I get the results. I’m trying not to think about it too much until then.

Friday night I celebrated the end of radiation with three wonderful ladies (Bobbi, Brenda, and Katie)  from my old school, followed by dinner out on Saturday night with two wonderful friends (Jim and Laurel) without whom, I don’t know how Tony and I would have made it through the last several months.

I am not in this battle alone and I hope that I never forget to let everyone know how much their prayers, support and help have meant to me.

This morning I’ll be heading back to Penrose to drop off a bouquet of Pink Ribbon cookies for the wonderful radiation techs who took such good care of me. Yes, I know that’s what they get paid for – but they were so good – so friendly and supportive, I wanted to show my appreciation.  (If you are in the Colorado Springs area and need beautiful cookies of any shape/design – let me know. I can put you in contact with an awesome cookie designer.)

So, what’s next? I’m still waiting for my skin to heal. Part of it healed very quickly, one little area seems bent on being irritated. Of course it’s on the side I tend to sleep on, so I’m hoping it clears up soon. I’m trying to get back into my normal physical routine, if the Colorado weather will just cooperate.

My fundraising efforts for my June Avon Rocky Mountain Walk continue. (Click here if you’d like to donate.)  The pink ribbon t-shirts will arrive this week and I’m still running a photography special connected to the walk.

I’m also working on my Life Celebration List. (Yep – that’s the list with tattoo.)  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m also continuing my reading on breast cancer.  Stay tuned for updates on that as well.

In the mean time, I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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