>Radiation Is Over – Now What?

>For the first time in six weeks, I didn’t have to head down to Penrose Cancer Center before the sun was up.  Love those people, but so glad I’m not going to be spending more time with them.

So, what now? I’m still not sure what normal is.  Events over the last 12 months (not just the cancer, but a ton of other drama as well) have made me begin to question who I am.  When I look in the mirror, I’m not always sure who is looking back at me.  Just like I can’t deny all the other things that have happened to me, I can’t deny the cancer (though trust me – even after all the surgeries and the radiation treatments, I still experience a sense of denial – some idea that it was all some horrible mistake).  What I do know, whomever I turn out to be – it’s going to be my definition – on my terms. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

In the meantime, I  started my morning with a pre-dawn 1.75 mile walk around the neighborhood. Got to get ready for the Rocky Mountain Avon Walk and hiking up Pike’s Peak. I’m tired (didn’t sleep well again), but it’s a good tired – not like the radiation fatigue. The doctor said it could take a month for the radiation fatigue to go away.  Being active – eating right and getting exercise might lessen that recovery time.  I so prefer being tired on my own terms rather than due to the radiation.

Also next up on the to do list is a search for some books on what to do after treatment, as well as joining a support group in May.

Have a terrific Thursday.


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