>Radiation Day 29

>Today was the first day of the concentrated blast to the area where the tumors were.  Getting set up for this takes a little longer than the normal treatments.  Fortunately, they have everything marked either with tiny tattoos or paint pen Xs so that they are able to get me lined up just right.  Modern medicine is truly wonderful.

Four more days and the radiation treatments are complete.

Today I finished Stand By Her A Breast Cancer Guide for Men by John Anderson. I had started this book some time ago, but put it aside to read the book by Nancy Brinker.  This is a good book that I will review in more detail later. (It’s late and as usual I’m tired. I spent an hour standing at book signing for one of my favorite mystery authors. Love listening to her talk, but really wish I had arrived early enough to get a seat.) I wish I had finished this book first. Even though it is written as a guide for men, I found some useful information for me.  It gave me some insight to what the men in my life are feeling as they help me through this battle.

There was also an interesting chapter about radiation – warning husbands not to be surprised that the radiation will make their loved one tired and progressively so.  It even warns that the fatigue can last up to a year after the radiation treatments are completed.  One of the last chapters touches briefly on the emotions and fears that plague a woman once the treatment is over.  That has given me something else to stew on (yeah, I know with so much stewing going on, maybe I better open a Soup Shop.)  I think I need to look for some books dealing with what happens after treatment.

There was one other benefit to finishing today’s book.  I’ve been feeling a little anxious about how open (or whiny, depending on your viewpoint) I’ve been about what I’ve been feeling.  There have been a few things I haven’t discussed here, but for the most part I’ve used this blog as an open window to my mind and heart over the past months.  Sometimes, I’ve wondered if I was too open.

As I was finishing the book I found myself thinking how great it was to read about someone else’s experiences and know that I’m not alone in some of the crazy things I think or feel.  Then I remembered that was one of the reasons I started this blog – in hopes that my sharing my journey would give someone else that feeling I’ve had when reading about others struggles with the same issues.

Besides I’ve bared my breast enough since October, baring my soul shouldn’t be that hard.


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  1. Lorraine DeClemente
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 04:09:30

    >Beverly,Thank you for sharing this blog. I may need it sometime. None of us are exempt from this journey. I think you are so brave to bare your soul, much harder than baring breast.Thank you again.


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