>Catching Up or Saturday Ramblings

>It’s been a long week.  I think maybe the radiation is really beginning to catching up with me. I seem to be even more tired more often.  I’m usually good until 5 p.m. and I can go longer so long as I keep moving. But once I sit down, that’s it. All energy goes out the door. And without going into too much graphic detail I am noticing some visual changes.  Carrying books close to my chest on the left side is not  as easy as it was last week.

The week started off rough with going back to school after spring break to the loss of a student in a car crash.  Then on Tuesday, my weight was up.  Wednesday and Thursday I was just tired and Friday, ended the week with technology problems.

Friday’s radiation appointment was delayed for two hours due to a computer problem. Yes, my treatments rely heavily on technology.  The computer people had done an upgrade the night before, assured the radiation techs all would be well and disappeared.  Best laid plans.  It was two hours before they had everything fixed. Still they did manage to get the computer back up and running and the staff was very pleasant and helpful.  I had a book to read (I almost always have a book on hand), but unfortunately, the chapter I was reading in the book (a guide for men with loved ones with breast cancer) touched on some fears I didn’t want to think about, but ended up stewing on anyway – truth is I’m still stewing on them. I’m just not ready to air them – at least not here. It’s a good thing I have my little pink journal I mentioned in a previous post.

Because of the delay with my radiation treatment, I was late to school, where my technology/computer challenges continued. It’s hard to teach 20 children how to use a citation website, when you only have one computer and it doesn’t want to work.

The rest of the day was a little better. I won an autographed copy of a new mystery book by one of my favorite authors. And I booked several photography related activities for this weekend. (Yes, I’m sure that will make me tired, especially since I couldn’t sleep last night – but at least I’ll be tired on my own terms.) Perhaps it’s silly of me to make such a big deal about why I feel tired. Tired is tired. I guess it’s just a struggle for a little bit of control.

Cover from GoodReads http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7898208-promise-me

Earlier in the week I received an ARC of Promise Me: How A Sister’s Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer by Nancy G. Brinker.  The book was published in September 2010 and has been on my to read list.  So when I received an uncorrected proof of the book earlier this week, I moved it up my list.  Now I’m reading two breast cancer related books – nothing like multi-tasking.  Even though I’ve just started Promise Me, I’m already learning a lot and once again, I realize how lucky I am.  Brinker includes information about the history of  breast cancer treatment over the centuries.  Not only am I lucky to have had such an innocent version of breast cancer, but I am being treated with modern medicine.  I’ll take being tired and feeling like someone put a hot roll in my bra over having my breast hacked off without anesthesia any day.  I should have this book finished with the next week.  I’m very impressed with the book so far – it’s very well written and it’s very informative.  Part of me wishes I had not moved Promise Me up on my reading list, as I think it would be an excellent book for my book club to read.  I just couldn’t wait until it was my turn to pick the book we would read.

I’m going to try to get in a walk before breakfast, then off to do some photos and maybe end the day with grocery shopping. Not bad for a Saturday.


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