>Radiation Day Nine (and a list)

> I don’t know if it’s the drop in temperature or what, but the cold chills are back. Someone told me they are reverse hot flashes. Annoying is what they are.  Still, considering all the horrible side effects I could be having, I’ll take the hot flashes and weird chills.

In addition to reading lots of books (I read 290 in 2010) I also read quite a few blogs. One of the bloggers I follow regularly was talking earlier this week about having received a medical wake up call and was therefore making several significant changes in their life, particularly in regards to their health.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is definitely a wake up call. It has made me appreciate my blessings and even though I know I’m winning this battle, it’s also made me appreciate how short life really is.  Too often we put things off for someday. If we put them off too long, someday never arrives. My beloved Granny made this mistake.

So I’ve been thinking about my “list” a lot lately.  I refuse to call it a Bucket List – I just don’t like the sound of that.  And it’s not a wish list. Wish lists are too, well wishful.  This is my Adventure To Do List.  I thought putting it in writing and sharing it would help me be more accountable about accomplishing the list.

So here goes:

1. Give in to my wild side:

  •  Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  • Get a tattoo (a tiny little book on my ankle – this could also count as conquering a fear)
  • Learn to shoot (and actually hit the target.)

2. Be more active

  • Hike up Pike’s Peak (already planned for August of this year)
  • Participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March in White Sands, NM
  • Learn ballroom dancing
  • Learn a martial art  – (can’t you just picture me as a leather wearing, pistol shooting, ninja biker librarian?)

3.  Become more involved in the fight against breast cancer

  • Participate in fundraising (Avon and Susan G. Komen walks)
  • Join a support group (to help myself and to help others)
  • Find a way to help other Army wives battling breast cancer (there are more than we realize)

4. Follow my dreams

  • Take a trip to Ireland/Scotland/England
  • Attend the National Book Festival
  • Become a published writer and/or photographer
  • Earn  National Board Certification as a librarian
  • Become the Nancy Pearl of School Librarians
  • Learn to paint with oils and re-learn to paint with water colors
  • Learn pottery

I know it’s a long list. But it’s doable. I should probably think about setting some time lines. But now at least I know what I want to do. (Of course, I do reserve the right to tweak the list a little.)

So, what’s on your Adventure To Do List?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. atw37
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 22:03:38

    >I will help with #1 🙂


  2. Anonymous
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 23:20:03

    >Learning to dancing is the easy one. Find a studio & jump into it. It would be a great form of exercise on days when you don't feel like or may be too tired to doing something more strenuous


  3. Christy
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 02:18:28

    >I can teach you how to shoot 🙂


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