>Radiation Day Eight

>A week and a half of radiation and except for some fatigue I’m doing ok.  Thte strange chills I was experiencing  last week have made no appearance this week.  Still getting the hot flashes, but I suspect I will have them for the full time I’m on the tamoxifen.

It’s Spring Break for my school district. Originally, I had a long to do list that I had planned to work my way through. However, I decided to be good to myself and only work on those things I really want to work on. So, I’ve done a lot of reading, a little photography, a little walking and some catching up on TV shows I’ve been too tired to watch when they first aired.

One of those shows is Army Wives. I had missed the last episode from Season 4, back in August. But thanks to DVR I was able to watch it yesterday.  During that episode they shared some information on Cindy’s Hope Chest.

Cindy’s Hope Chest is an organization created by Cindy Summers, an Army Wife diagnosed with breast cancer.  Their mission is to support women battling breast cancer emotionally and financially.  They  provide  education, support, and encouragement for  women while undergoing treatments. Click here to learn more.


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