>Radiation Day 5

>I am not dying of cancer. I am living with cancer —- Unknown.

That was the quote at the beginning of the chapter I was reading in B.O.O.B.S. this morning.

My undergrad degree is in English/Art.  Just as much as I enjoy playing with photos, I enjoy playing with words/quotes.  Here’s my version of that quote.  Feel free to quote me.

I am not dying of cancer. I am not living with cancer.  I am kicking cancer’s butt! — Beverly Archer

So even though I woke up cranky this morning, I am obviously in a better mood than last night.  I guess I don’t handle fatigue too well.  A little bit of sleep, hearing from my wonderful Zeta sisters and a good friend from North Carolina and my perspective is back where I want it to be.

Today was Vampire Day!

That’s right. I had to give blood. I won’t know until Tuesday when I see the doctor if this will be a weekly thing. If it is, I hope that the young woman who took my blood this morning is always on duty. She was very good. Maybe I should see what her schedule is and only show up when she’s there.

They also took an x-ray. I said this team was very thorough about monitoring everything. I am blessed to be in such good hands.  In the reading I’ve been doing, I’ve read some horrible stories where the medical team was not as thorough.   Kicking cancer’s butt is going to take all my energy.  It’s good to know that I don’t have to question the expertise of those who are fighting this with me.


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