>That Was Quick


Today was my first radiation treatment.  Over the weekend I jokingly posted that it takes longer to get undressed than it does for the treatment.  Turns out it’s not a joke.

My treatment is a Penrose Cancer Center – a wonderful place.  It’s a civilian hospital of course. After years of dealing with military health providers, I’m well trained in showing up 15 minutes early (with a book of course, because with military appointments, you show up 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and you are lucky if you see the doctor  30 minutes after your scheduled time.

Another person was scheduled ahead of me, but since she wasn’t there, they went ahead and took me.  My appointment was 7:00 a.m. I was done by 7:03.

Because of my position at school – I’m a licensed librarian, working as a classified librarian – hourly and not allowed to go in early – I found myself back at home with a good half hour to kill.  That was unexpected.  I could have gone over to the pharmacy to buy the special cream they want me to use to help with skin irritation.  However the pharmacy doesn’t open until 9:00 a.m.  Thankfully, they are open until 5:30, so I’ll have time to run back by there after school.

So, how am I feeling after this first treatment?  Hyper aware. I know that any side effects would not show up 30 minutes after the treatment, but I feel as though I’m on alert for any twitch or hiccup.  I’m sure that will subside as I get into the routine.

Now, it’s time for another cup of coffee and then off to school for the challenge of learning how to run a cash register for the book fair and hope the hot flashes don’t cause me to sweat too much.  Turns out that I can’t use deodorant under my left arm for the entire  6 1/2 weeks. Gross!  That will be another interesting side effect. Since taking the tamoxifen, I’ve noticed that the smell of my deodorant – one I’ve used for a long time – what is supposed to be a nice fresh powder scent – sometimes makes me nauseous.   With one side smelling sickly powder fresh and the other side like a Texas football player who just finished two-a-days no one is going to want to stand too close to me until May.  At least I’m doing this during March in Colorado and not July in Texas.


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