>Dry Run


This was me yesterday, going through my “dry run” for radiation therapy which will begin on Monday bright and early at 7:00 a.m. (Well, actually I didn’t have as much covering me as this woman does, but you get the general idea.)

Recently I posted about having exposed myself to at least 10 different men (all in the medical profession) since that fateful mammogram in October.  Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my radiation tech team is a trio of very nice ladies. (Sorry guys, you were all wonderful, but I’m just more comfortable with women.)


The above picture is similar to my position for the radiation. Actually, both arms are above my head.  The radiation itself takes less than five minutes. It takes longer to set up – it takes longer to get undressed than it does for the actual radiation.  The room is rather cold.  Yesterday, I was so cold I found myself wishing for a hot flash just so I could warm up.

My radiation will be from Monday through Friday for six and a half weeks. Every Tuesday I will meet with my radiation oncologist, just to make sure all is going well.   I may or may not be able to wear deodorant under my left arm – certainly not during the five minute radiation.  I may or may not end up with a discolored breast, swelling, something like a sunburn (at least I don’t think I’ll get more freckles), fatigue, loss of appetite and a very minimal chance of lymphedema. (I didn’t have any lymph nodes removed, so the chance of lymphedema is very remote.)  I will need to avoid hot tubs during the treatment. (Easy to do since the movers broke our hot tub to the point that it can’t be fixed.) And I’ll need to use a mild soap and a special cream that I can only purchase at the Penrose pharmacy.  

It is also recommended that I increase my intake of protein. There is some concern I might actually lose weight.  I found this surprising, as weight loss was not something I associated with radiation. I don’t think that will be a problem. I think “not gaining weight” will be the challenge. My appetite is likely to increase as my body tries to heal during the radiation – but the weather is getting warmer so I should be able to go back to training for my Avon and Susan G. Komen Walks and my hike up Pikes Peak in August.

After having such a good day on Thursday, yesterday was a little set back as I found myself tired again – I had wanted to walk after school, but since I’d done the Wii that morning and I was so tired, I skipped it.  We’re having a book fair at school – the first one where I’m the person in charge. I spent most of yesterday afternoon getting it set up – thank goodness my fellow teachers helped me get it finished before the day ended.

For the most part the week ended on a good note (a few worries I wish I didn’t have, but that’s life.) I think I’m actually mentally and physically prepared for the radiation treatment.  I’m human though – so don’t be surprised to find me whining about how the early morning treatments cut into my morning routine.


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  1. Joyce
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 14:58:15

    >Prayers for you next week!


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