>Just Dance


I’ve been doing a lot of whining lately about not being able to walk. The weather has been too cold.  With my immune system not up to par because of the tamoxifen and not being able to take some of vitamins due to the upcoming radiation, I’ve not wanted to risk catching a cold by going on my morning walks in freezing weather. And by the time I get home after school, I’m just so tired I’m not good for much other than sitting on the couch with a book.

I finally decided to stop whining and do something about it. (I was recently reading a young adult novel, that irritated me beyond belief because the main character kept whining but never made an effort to make things better. – Librarian listen to thyself!).  

So this morning, I moved away from the computer (gasp) and slipped the Just Dance2 game into the Wii. I managed to get almost a half hour of exercise in before the dog wanted out and the children had to be drug out of bed for school.

I don’t know if you can dance away cancer, but you can at least dance away the blues that can come with the cancer – at least for a little while.  This morning, I feel better mentally than I have in weeks, maybe months.

I have to credit my oldest son with this sudden inspiration to dance the morning and the blues away.  Last night we let him have control of the TV for a little while.  His viewing choice was Glee.

Egads! I’m now a Gleek!

Last night’s episode featured Gwyneth Paltro doing Joan Jett’s (Gary Glitter’s) Do You Wanna Touch Me.  I found myself doing my Walter Mitty thing again. (Don’t know who Walter Mitty is? Click here.)  I’m not as skinny nor as tall as Gwyneth Paltro. And if I wore those heels I’d either get a nose bleed or trip over myself – probably both. But I can dream.

Cancer doesn’t just invade your body. Even an “innocent” cancer like mine can invade your mood and your self esteem.  I’ve been so concentrated on taking care of myself physically, it never occurred to me that I needed to take care of my attitude as well.  Thanks Ryan for the boost.

Note to self – spend less time whining about things – spend more time laughing and dancing.

As for comparing myself to Holly Holiday – maybe not a realistic comparison. But with a little work, I can be that leather wearing, motorcycle riding, hot dancing and soon to be cancer-free librarian.  


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  1. Joyce
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 16:26:07

    >Yay for Ryan! A different way to be a "battle buddy," whether he knew what the effect would be or not.


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