>Sometimes It Seems As Though It’s Around Every Corner

>Do you ever notice how once something becomes a part of your life you start seeing it everywhere? When we bought a Saturn several years ago,  it seemed like every 5th car I saw on the road was a Saturn.  When my husband bought his first Harley, it was the same thing.  These things were always there around us, it’s just that once  they became a part of our life,  we stopped filtering them out of our conscious thoughts.

And for me it’s been that way with breast cancer. It seems to pop up every where.  It seems as though there are more commercials on TV for awareness and fundraisers.  It seems to be on the news more.  More products have packaging stating that a portion of the sale of that item goes to fund breast cancer research/treatment.  The cereal, wine, and yogurt  you buy can help support  the fight for a cure.

It’s even in the gossip magazines at the check out stands.  That’s what got me started on this rambling thought for today. I was loading my groceries onto the conveyor belt at the commissary today, trying not to pass out because I was having another hot flash – did I mention that the hot flashes almost always include dizziness and nausea?  When I looked up and saw a headline about Christina Applegate and motherhood after breast cancer.  I didn’t know she had breast cancer.  She was diagnosed in 2008. It was not something she hid from the public.  I guess it was one of those things that I filtered out because it didn’t impact me personally.

So of course I did the librarian thing and did a little research. I discovered there are quite a few famous people who have battled breast cancer.  That shouldn’t be surprising, since one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  And breast cancer doesn’t care how rich or famous you are.  It strikes women/men of all demographics.

It really does feel like it’s every where.  Sometimes when I’m in a group of women, I find myself glancing around wondering if some of them will be another one in eight.  And sometimes I say a silent prayer, that it’s just me – that I covered that statistic so that someone else doesn’t have to face that battle.


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