>Embracing Pink


I’ve always been a fan of the color pink. I love to wear it. There’s just something very feminine about wearing soft pink colors. It goes well with gray and with purple: two other colors I like to wear.  So wearing pink is nothing new for me, but since the diagnosis, I seem to be “pinking” myself out.  I worry that people are thinking I’m trying to draw attention to myself.  That’s not my goal at all.  What I want to draw attention to is  the need for breast cancer awareness.  I’ve been told that breast cancer is the one cancer that is considered curable. If it’s curable, then maybe it’s preventable as well. I figure the more attention we call to it, the better.  And besides, it’s like being a librarian and reading.  I’m a total bookworm. And so when I read instead of cleaning house, I justify it by saying it’s job related.  Now, I figure I have a purpose for wearing pink instead of just because I like it. It’s my own sense of validation.  
Have you seen the really cool pink ribbons socks?  Those of you who know me, know that I love to weary funky socks – especially to school for story time.  Here’s just a couple of cute ones that I found.

And I’m thinking I might need to get a sock monkey.  What can I say, I like pink almost as much as I like books. 
And if you’re not into wearing pink, there are other ways to show your support.
My youngest son wears a pink version of the bracelet shown below. He got this one for me to wear.  Instead of doing a fist bump, he likes to do a wrist bump – bumping together our bracelets.

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