>Acknolwedging The Angels In Your Life


Crazy Sexy Cancer Tip #45: Take A Moment And Acknowledge The Co-Survivors In Your Life!

Cancer doesn’t limit itself to hurting the person who is diagnosed with it. It can be devastating to those around us, especially those who love us. They are fighting the battle right along with us.

Carr puts it this way “Co-survivors are the Crazy Sexy Cancer Angels, the wonderful family, best friends, and even pets who stick by your side and care for you through thick and then.” (Carr, K. (2007). Crazy sexy cancer tips. Connecticut: Morris Publishing Group, LLC.)

I would add co-workers as well. I’ve been truly blessed with a wonderfully large and supportive network of angels looking out for me. Prayers have been said for me all over the country. People have opened up to tell me about their experiences, delicious meals have been brought to the house, willing ears and shoulders have been ready whenever I needed them. I’ve been allowed to be cranky and pitiful whenever I needed to be. Not one time since I got the phone call in November have I been in this alone. I am truly blessed.

I want to take just a moment to thank my Cancer Battle Buddies.

My wonderful husband, Tony, tops the list. He has been my biggest supporter from the very beginning. He has even embraced my new love of pink. He’s put up with  my mood swings when any normal person would have told me to get over myself.

My son Patrick, has been my Battle Buddy for more than just the fight against cancer. He was my Battle Buddy for my husband’s last deployment and he was one of my biggest supporters during my weight loss program. He never asked me if I lost weight on my weigh-ins – he always asked how much? He’s been a real trooper during the cancer battle as well. He runs errands for me, helps me take care of the hedgehog and doesn’t let a morning go by without making sure I get my morning hug. He plans to walk with me in the Avon Walk for the Cure and the Susan G. Komen Walks for the Cure in Denver and Colorado Springs. He even hung out with me while I was recuperating from the first surgery. Not too many 13 year-olds would give up their entire Saturday to hang out with Mom.

Then there are my parents by choice. Clark and Sue have seen me through more dramas/traumas than I can count. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have in my corner. The parents who gave me life were not able to be there for me, but these two have been my parents and best friends all rolled up together.

I have also been truly blessed with with wonderful friends both far and near (Rhonda, Paula, Michelle, Joyce, Jim, Laurel, Marken, Christy – the gang at Peak – to name just a few) and Casi, who is the little sister I always wanted and my wonderful family from Academy Endeavour and Chinook Trail. 

And I have also been blessed and comforted by two true angels who are no longer with us.  I know this is going to sound nuts, but I do believe that God gives us what we need – if we just open ourselves up to receive it.  When I had the first biopsy, I was feeling very sorry for myself. (It was that needle thing again.) Tony was in the waiting room. He couldn’t be in the room with me. And I was feeling alone. It was then that I thought of both my Granny and Tony’s mom, Patty.  I could hear Patty telling me that I was strong enough to handle this and anything else that comes along. And I could almost feel Granny’s cool hand on my forehead, just like all the times she did that when I was little and not feeling well.  These were two of the strongest women I’ve ever known. If they thought I could handle it then I knew I could. Were their spirits in the room with me? I don’t know. I’d like to think so, but I do know they were in my heart just when I needed them. 

So, the point of all this rambling this morning is that I know I’m blessed because I don’t have to fight this fight alone.  I know this can be tough for my friends and family and not just me.  I know that with everyone that I have on my team, kicking cancer will be a breeze. I pray that everyone who must fight such a battle will be as blessed as I am.


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