>Sometimes Getting Hysterical Can Be A Good Thing.

>First, I apologize for missing yesterday. I had planned to get up early and blog before the surgery.  It didn’t happen. It seems I can’t think straight without a cup of coffee. And after the surgery, I was so drugged I just slept the afternoon away – first time in months I’ve actually had some decent sleep. Too bad it was only yesterday afternoon and didn’t follow through to the night. But that’s another story.  The surgery went well. I’m just a little sore and fighting a sore throat from the breathing tube.

I even survived the IV. In fact there a funny story about the IV. It’s no secret that I’m terrified of needles and the more I try to psyche myself up for anything involving needles, I usually end up psyching myself OUT. I usually build it up to the point that I’m just one big ball of nerves before the nurse even mentions the word IV. Yesterday, I said a quick little prayer that for once the IV wouldn’t hurt.  God’s answer was rather hilarious – literally. First my sweet husband offered to put the IV in for me – after all he’s battle field trained to do that sort of thing. I asked him if he wanted to stay married. Seriously, I love him too much to let him come near me with a needle, as I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to explain the broken nose that was likely to have resulted from such an attempt.

The first nurse that came in took one look at my veins and went to get warm blankets.  After letting my arm sit under the warm blanket for a while she checked my veins again and went for more warm blankets and another nurse.  This nurse (and I’m kicking myself for not getting her name) did the best job of anyone I’ve ever known when it comes to putting in an IV.  The first nurse and Tony stood by the bed doing their best to distract me while the second nurse searched for a good spot on my arm for the IV.  And here is where God decided we all needed a little levity. When the nurse started running her fingers up my arm to find the vein, I got such a case of the giggles.  I was giggling so hysterically that my feet were kicking. And the more I giggled the funnier I thought it was and so I giggled even more. I barely felt her poke me with the lidocaine or even when she placed the IV.  Tony couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  I couldn’t believe it either. I’m thankful to God for answering this prayer in a funny way and I think I should send that nurse some chocolate. Maybe I’ll paint her a mug, too. 

And though I can’t remember her name at the moment, I did remember to thank her for making it the least painful experience I’ve ever had with a needle. I’m sure this will be a story Tony will tell more than once. 🙂


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